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Made of Money

Made of Money is the online source for promotional items imprinted with cash, shaped like dollars and representing the green stuff. Whether your business is celebrating it's growth, rewarding the sales staff or promoting it's financial services, Made Of Money can provide you with high quality, dollar-related items to advertise, market and sell your services. Everyone loves money!

Business Beginnings
by Martha Jean Holubec

In this book you'll learn ten valuable lessons to get your new business up and running successfully! Everything from selecting your business to setting your prices is discussed in clear and easy to understand language.

How to Self-Publish
Market a Winning How-To Booklet!

So, you have an idea and want to write and self-publish your book or how-to booklet. Our manual will teach you how to write, self-publish, copyright, and sell how-to booklets in your own mail order home business. This is what we're offering... A complete (honest) course in writing, copyrighting, publishing, and marketing how-to booklets.

How to Have Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales

How to Have Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales...Proven methods will triple your garage sale income! The vast majority of garage sales are poorly put together and the organizers are not maximizing their potential. Making over $1,000 is possible every time you have a garage sale. This manual, featured in the June '97 issue of McCall's Magazine, will teach you how to organize a garage sale and packs a lot of valuable information between the covers.

Moms Network Exchange is a place to share tips, ideas, give and seek advice and network with other moms who have their own home based business. Within you will find many interactive features that enhance the opportunity for networking, encouragement and support.

Tough Times

Contest winning secrets, freebies for nothing, and profitable business opportunities revealed in the next issue of the Tough Times newsletter. Mention Dollar Stretcher and get a free report that your pet will thank you for.

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