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I Want a Simpler Lifestyle

The Y2K Pantry and
How to Feed Your Family

Since 1992 Cynthia Hillson has been teaching others how to feed their families nutritious meals for less. Visit her site to learn how she does it.

Leave the Rat Race Behind
Be a Successfull Homesteader

The definitive resource for anyone contemplating an independent lifestyle. Written by folks who've seen too many enthusiastic would-be homesteaders pack it in and return to the rat-race they sought to escape, this is the book that tells what it takes, and how to find out if a homestead life is what you really want.

Simple Living Network

Tools for those who are serious about learning to live a more conscious, simple, healthy and earth-friendly lifestyle. Featuring a 3000 page web site loaded with logical, step-by-step ideas, a free e-mail Newsletter, lists of support groups and study circles around the world, links to other earth-friendly web sites, and an on-line book store and resource centre.

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