How Much Could a Mistake Cost You ??

endorsed byThe National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA)

Buying a home is a technical maze. Can you identify and avoid these costly potential problems?

  • unsafe water systems
  • unreliable sewer systems
  • flood prone property
  • taxes and special assesments
  • destructive soil types
  • unstable foundations
  • expensive government policies
  • environmental horrors
  • undesirable neighborhoods

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    This 150 page book will tell you how to avoid costly traps. You'll know what to look for. And more importantly, you'll know how important a problem is when you do find it. You won't buy a 'money pit' because you'll avoid them.

    Lawrence M. Kostaneski is a former government regulatory official and registered Professional Engineer, with over 20 years in the design and construction industry. With humor and compassion, he guides you through the technical maze of buying your dream home. You'll learn how to ask tough questions. . . and get answers. Benefit from the experience of a man who has heard the anguished pleas of thousands of unwary home buyers.

    Can you, with no knowledge of engineering, avoid these problems? Yes, you'll get a crash course in all of the important concepts you need to know in order to protect your investment. These are not ivory tower instructions. The concepts presented include real life problems, witnessed by the author, that are used to demonstrate the basic principles so important to buying a safe and worry free home.

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