Budgeting Top Ten List

by Jane Chidester

Here we are in the month of "lists." There are the "to do's," "party preparation lists," "invitation lists," "the who's naughty and nice list," and of course the great "shopping lists!"

To take a break from this, and just for a smile, I thought I'd share a "budgeting list." Here are...The Top Ten List of Reasons Why You MIGHT Need to Budget! :)

10. If you think your checkbook register is a good place to play tic-tac-toe.

9. If your cat mistakes the clutter of bills on your desktop for a litter box.

8. If your credit card debt and your blood pressure are both over 300.

7. If your idea of achieving your dreams is taking a nap.

6. If at the end of a telephone conversation your friend says "Bye now," and you unconsciously answer with "Pay later!"

5. If you carry enough credit cards to shingle the roof of a reasonably sized suburban dwelling.

4. If you think checkbook balancing is an unusual circus act performed by skilled acrobats of the Ukraine.

3. If your credit counselor is on speed dial.

2. If your local catalog order department is on speed dial.

And the number one reason you might need to be on a budget:

1. If your annual spending is equal to Microsoft's Bill Gates' earnings!

Jane Chidester is the author of BudgetYes! 21st Century Solutions for Taking Control of Your Money Now!

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