The RoMANtic: Throwing the Perfect Piñata Party

by Michael Webb

I have one disappointment in life. I have never been able to bust up a Piņata and have candies and prizes fall all over me.

I have witnessed them in real life and I have seen them on television shows and in the movies. I just never personally experienced the thrill of being showered with cool treats. I might also enjoy being a bystander who swoops in when the break is made and the person with the stick is still blindfolded and disoriented.

One doesn't have to go with the traditional "party Pinata." It can also be made clear that what is inside doesn't have to be shared. A Piņata would be a wonderful addition to an adult birthday party, an anniversary celebration or a way to give a Christmas present. Just think of the items you could put in a Pinata (besides an engagement ring box). Here are a few examples. Nothing breakable of course.

  • Sports theme: Tickets to a game, baseball cards, peanuts

  • Cracker Jack theme: Candied popcorn and silly prizes like plastic animals and fake tattoos

  • Turning 40 theme: Fix-o-dent, hair dye, arthritis pills, Ex-Lax

  • Chocolate theme: An assortment of wrapped chocolates and packets of hot chocolate

  • Love theme: Rose petals, chocolate kisses, confetti hearts

Michael Webb is author of The RoMANtic's Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love. You can order at or for more of Michael's free tips, visit

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