How to easily remove rust stains

Removing Rust Stains

How to Remove Rust Stains

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Does anyone know how to get rid of rust stains on a porcelain bath tub? My daughter left a can of shaving soap on the rim and it left rest stains which I cannot remove. I have tried bleach, scouring powders with bleach, and baking soda with peroxide,
Thank you.
Louise P. in Louisiana

Salty Lemon Removes Rust Stains

This works great! Pour a pile of table salt on top of the rust spot then squeeze lemon juice over it. Let this pile of salty lemon juice sit for several hours, over night or longer. This will draw the stain out and you can actually see the rust in the pile of salt when its down its job.
Tami L.

Remove Stains With Pumice

To get rid of rust stains in a tub or toilet, just rub gently with a pumice stone. Works like a charm.

Whisk Out Rust Stains

An excellent product that I have used to get out rust stains is called Whisk Rust Stain Remover. The bottle says that it will get rust stains off white sinks and toilet bowls. Both are porcelain, so this product should work on your porcelain tub. The product produces a chemical reaction, which removes the rust. I have used this on clothes with rust stains, and it was successful every time I have used it. This is an wonderful product!
Donna from California

Remove Stains With Hydrogen Peroxide

To remove rust spots from tubs and sinks cover the rust spot with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle with cream of tartar. Let sit for 30 minutes and wipe off with a sponge.
Cyndi S.

Barkeeper's Friend Removes Rust Stains

The easiest way to get rid of rust stains on almost anything is with a product called Barkeeper's Friend, which is a very mild scouring powder. The can even says you can use it on clothing. It really works!
Debbie J. in Eddy, Texas

Remove Rust Stains with the Works

I purchased a product called 'the works' (hard water formula) at Wal-Mart for $2.00. It has worked great! I had rust stains from my well water and they cleaned right up without wiping.
Kathy V.

Naval Jelly Removes Rust

Go to the nearest automotive store and get a bottle of "Naval Jelly." It's used to remove rust from metal surfaces but will not hurt porcelain if not left on to long. You may have to apply it a few times to dissolve all the rust, but it will surely work.

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