Cyber Sites for Moms
Soup's On

by Kathleen Bieke

A funny thing happened to me while searching for a cookie recipe website. I discovered that Judy Garland despised chicken soup. I found out much more too. While looking over a general recipe site, one of the links really got my attention. It is called Soupsong: It is by far the craziest place to get a soup recipe. From alphabet soup to zwei-bohnenensuppe (two bean soup) to why Judy hated chicken soup. (When she was fourteen, her studio told her that she had to slim down and was put on a chicken soup, black coffee and diet pill program. Ick!) If you want a soup recipe, this is the place to get it. If you need a recipe and it is not here, it does not exist. It is actually a bit frightening that there is such a comprehensive site devoted to the topic of soup. Who likes it (and hates it), songs about it, quotes about soup (can ya believe that one?) and of course, detailed recipes. It gets my highest rating simply because of its content. It's all there, folks, from soup to uh, soup. Until next time.

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