A Grocery Shop Day

by Sarah Delaporte

A trip to the grocery store, can be a valuable lesson to help your child learn the importance of saving money. It is not only a moment to teach, but it can also be a moment to bond with your child.

Mark your calendar for a "Get Together & Grocery Shop" day & begin planning. Make the date an event that your child looks forward to. As a reward for spending the day with you at the grocery store, let you child choose a special treat that you normally wouldn't buy for under $5.

To prepare for the big day, start planning at least a week in advance.

With the help of your child, start creating a shopping list. Allow your child to add his/her favorite items (i.e. ice cream, cookies or candy). Rent your child's favorite movie to watch while you clip coupons from the Sunday paper together. Organize the coupons in your coupon organizer.

Get cash from your local bank to cover the cost of the groceries. This is a great way for your child to see exactly what groceries cost.

While you are in the grocery store, be sure to explain to your child why a coupon doesn't always guarantee that you will save money. Explain to your child about the price per ounce, generic brands and other important savvy saving strategies you have learned from Dollar Stretcher Newsletter.

When you and your child have found all of the groceries on the list, allow your child to hand the cash and coupons to the clerk. Your child will now better understand the importance of saving wisely.

Here are some tips to help make this learning experience fun for both you and your child:

  • Go to McDonald's afterwards and buy your child a happy meal.
  • Give your child half of the money saved from the coupons you used while shopping. This will encourage your child to look for more ways to save money using coupons. This is an great way for your child to experience first hand that "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned".
  • Use the groceries to have a picnic in the park. A great way to enjoy some together time with your child. Explain to your child the difference between the price of a meal purchased from the grocery store and a meal from a fast food restaurant.
  • Vary the activity to fit the appropriate age level. The Get-Together & Grocery Shop Activity is fun for all ages.

Sarah Delaporte publishes the Freebie Coupon Corner Newsletter. It's goal is to help your family reduce your grocery bill by $50 a month. Simple strategies are offered to you every month. The information is so innovative that you won't find advice like this in your monthly women's magazines. To find out more, visit: www.couponcorner.net. Contact Sarah by mailto:freebie@couponcorner.net

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