Decluttering Magazines

by Nita Jackson

I'm one that has to have things be pertinent to my life! I just don't have enough time. How often have you been letting your mail box clog with stuff you don't have time to read, let alone use?

Make your reading count by doing the following.

  1. Limit the length of the e-mail - if it's over 10k it takes up a lot of time. Is it worth it?
  2. Just say no - your friend likes it, so you will too. Not necessarily.
  3. Three strikes and you're out. If you have read nothing of value in three mailings say no to further mailings.
  4. Evaluate and enumerate. Is this really enriching my life? What percent of the text I am really using? Does it fit my lifestyle? My personal credo? Lend value to my life?
  5. Check your magazine diet. Are you getting a diet of healthy food or junk stuffed with fillers?
  6. Are you are rebel without a cause? Start by picking a cause (life/goal) and stick with it. No one can do all things well.
  7. Take out the trash - so you have that magazine you really like to read! It has life/cause value but now you have 10 unread ones from the same source. Get rid of the so-so & the mediocre so you can enjoy the best!
  8. Be realistic - when will you really read that stuff?
  9. Avoid duplication. If one is good, three is not necessarily better. Picture yourself on a desert island and you can only have one! Which will it be?

Nita Jackson is responsible for If you're running out of time & space pay her a visit. You'll find free planners, organizers, free software for home, office, wedding, pregnancy, holiday and budget.

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