Time to Start Your Tomatoes

by Arzeena Hamir

Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed and now is the time to start tomato seeds indoors. The seeds themselves are easy to handle and can be planted in any type of container you have around the house. I prefer to start 3 seeds in 2" pots; however, yogurt containers, milk cartons, & even egg cartons can all be used.

The keys to starting tomato seed are:

  • Pre-moisten your potting soil before planting

  • Don't plant the seed too deep - 1/2" is usually enough

  • Keep the container warm - I like to keep my containers at about 75 F (25 C)

  • Keep the container moist but not soggy - try not to overwater

Once the seedlings are up, move them to a cool but bright location.

A week after the seedlings are up, transplant them into individual pots along with some compost or worm casts for food. Within another 3 weeks, the seedlings will outgrow their containers & will be potted up again. This time, they're potted into 6" containers where they will stay until they go into the garden.

Arzeena Hamir is an Agronomist & President of Terra Viva Organics. She specializes in educating home gardeners about organic vegetable production. Visit Terra Viva Organics for all your organic gardening needs. For more gardening information, you can also e-mail her at arzeena@tvorganics.com.

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