How to kill weeds naturally

Natural Weed Killers

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Natural Weed Killers?

I was wondering if any of your readers could suggest an inexpensive way to zap weeds that seem to overtake my gravel driveway every year.
Bonnie L.

A Natural Killer

Believe it or not, vinegar! I read somewhere about how it is a natural weed killer. I had moss etc. growing between bricks in my back patio. I took a gallon of vinegar, spread it around, and in a couple of days, I was able to remove all the dead stuff with a broom! It works great, the smell disappears shortly, and is cheaper and better for the environment than a lot of the "name brands" you can buy! Give it a try!

"Rocky" Knocks Weeds Out

Rock salt sprinkled lightly over the drive will kill any living plant. Be careful not to sprinkle it on the plants you wish to keep.
Michele K.

Dead Weeds And Exercise, Too!

I had this problem with a gravel area. I set my garden hose out with a sprinkler on it and would soak a big area and the pull the weeds slowly by hand. It took three goes at it to keep them from growing back but by soaking the area I would get most of the root in one slow pull. As a bonus the neighbor saw me doing this and decided I was a good guy, they liked the old style hard work ethic I was showing. This retired couple and I became friends and they helped me out on several occasions. It is a lot of work but in time but the satisfaction is well worth it.
Mike G

Site Recommendation

The site provided the following recipe. Into a 32-oz. hand sprayer, combine one ounce gin, one ounce liquid soap and one ounce vinegar. Spray just the weeds..."
Michelle S.

Overheated Weeds

We have found that boiling water will kill the weeds just as effectively as those expensive weed killers. Every time you boil the kettle for a coffee, walk out side and pour the remaining hot water onto a weed or two. In a few days, they will have shriveled up and died!
Michael C. in Australia

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Salt Kills Weeds

Salt! It is cheap and it works! I'm speaking from experience. It is non-toxic, so the kids are safe to help.
Mike W.

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