Traveling with Your Dog

by Jim Wade

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First, you should have your dog checked by your Veterinarian well ahead of your departure date.. There may be possible unknown health problems..

Second, get a document from your Vet stating your pooch is in good health and is up to date on immunizations for diseases and for rabies. Have your Vet sign these papers as close to your departure as possible so they are definitely up to date. If you are traveling out of state or to another country, you must have this documentation in your possession. Check with your travel agent for the requirements in the area where you will travel.

Third, be sure and be up to date with your flea prevention program for your dog(s) and with the heartworm medicine which should be required wherever you go.

Fourth, be sure you have adequate identification on your Pooch. Collar tags are the most used. Tags should have your name and address and phone number if there is room plus the dogs name also. Many cities require that rabies tags also be displayed to show that the dog is up to date with that immunization. Also you can get a computer microchip surgically inserted under your Pooch's skin or get your dog tattooed. Tattoed dogs can have the ID information entered in a National Registry for quick Identification wherever you may be traveling. Microchip information is also entered into a national registry. The chip does not disfigure your dog in any way. It is about the size of a grain of rice.

Fifth, be sure and take along some photos of your dog(s) and a written description of including color, weight, etc. plus any distinguishing marks or characteristics.

Can't afford a pro? Give do-it-yourself dog grooming a try.

Sixth, be sure to provide your dog with safe transportation. Travel crates are the best ...and since dogs are den animals, they should take to a crate readily.

If you do not use a crate for your dog in your home, you should try to get your dog accustomed to the travel crate several weeks before the trip.

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