Cyber Sites for Moms: Word Power

by Kathleen Bieke

Working on a school paper and wishing you had bought that thesaurus at the store last week? Having a tough time remembering where you put that dictionary? Being online definitely has its advantages. Go to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online and with just a few keystrokes get the information you need.

Type in the word and Presto! There is your answer! If you are uncertain how many s's are in Mississippi, you can use the Wildcard Search. Simply insert question marks where the s's are and the search engine will find words close to the letters you have entered.

Trying to increase your vocabulary? The Word of the Day feature may interest you. You don't just get the word, definition and pronunciation. There is also an example sentence and an informational section called Did You Know? This is great for exposing kids to new vocabulary words. Even if you did a word a week, it opens their mind to words other than "play" "video games" and "clean your room."

The Word Game of the Day is interesting as well. There are 5 different ways to play and previous games are archived. It's a fun way to learn new words but be prepared to feel like a 6 year old looking at a college textbook. LOTS of big words! Of course you can download and buy related material here too. This is a wonderful resource to have bookmarked. Until next time.

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