Greeting Card Grab Bag

by Rachel Paxton

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I admire people who are always thinking of others, sending out greeting cards just to let someone know they're thinking about them. But greeting cards are so expensive these days.

I've found outlet shopping malls to be good sources of discounted greeting cards, which are often 50% off retail prices. That's convenient, except their selection is usually pretty limited and isn't updated very often. You have to be careful not to buy the same card for the same person twice!

Quite by accident I stumbled on another great way to find inexpensive greeting cards. Last year I noticed that a lot of people sell unused greeting cards at their yard sales. Some people practically give them away! I started picking up a few I liked here and there. One day at a rummage sale I bought a whole bag of really neat, old cards for less than $1! There were some little note cards in there that looked like they were from the 50's or 60's! People really get a kick out of receiving these cards. I also found some of those neat tri-folding note cards that self seal with foil stickers that are straight out of the 70's. They're priceless.

After awhile, the grocery bag I'd been piling these greeting cards in started bursting around the seams, and I had to find somewhere else to keep them. I'm now storing them in a large, sturdy holiday gift bag, and that's working out great. Now whenever I need a card I always have one--wedding, sympathy, baby shower, birthday, get well, thank you, thinking of name it and I have a card for it. I can't even believe how much money I've already saved ($100's), and I always have a card, even at the last minute. I now send out more cards than I ever did before.

Another great benefit of adding to our greeting card grab bag is that my daughter enjoys the cards just as much as I do. She's learned at a very young age how to be thoughtful and reach out to other people around her. A great lesson for a small price!

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Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of five. For recipes, cleaning tips, gardening, frugal living, holiday hints, and more, visit her site and sign up for her weekly newsletter at

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