Citrus Summer Shower

by Mary Ann Ross and Kimberly Lainson

Tired of the same old bridal showers? Why not try something different... Place: A park, garden or backyard --- will also work well for an indoor shower as well.

Menu Choices: Citrus Cooler, Citrus Salsa, Lime Thai Chicken Appetizer Skewers, Pineapple Lemon Glazed Appetizer Meatballs, Lime Chicken Bake, Citrus Asparagus Salad, Pineapple Mandarin Salad, Citrus Dessert Sauce, Citrus Cake, Orange Slice Cake

Game ideas

Memory Taste Test: Using dixie cups or other paper cups - prepare different items to be tasted. For example, orange puree, grapefruit slush, lime Jell-O, orange & lemon puree, etc. Give each guest a plastic spoon. Blind fold each guest and have them taste each cup and memorize what they thought each cup contained... then remove the blindfold and have them write down from memory: cup 1 was ___, cup 2 was ___ etc. whoever gets the most right wins.

Citrus Bingo: Ahead of time, make up printed cards (use your own computer/printer at home or work) with either drawing of each fruit variety or the fruit name --- then have pieces of paper in a bowl with the same picture or name and draw one at a time, letting everyone mark their cards. If you run out of citrus fruits... add other fruits to make it more interesting.

Prizes: Basket of Citrus products, Citrus body wash, Citrus shampoo or bubble bath, Citrus Candles, Citrus Air Fresheners, etc.

Gifts for the Bride/Groom: Something Citrusie, Citrus tree for their yard or something from their registry

Mary Ann & Kimberly are a mother and daughter team who became business partners. They are doing what they do best... Having Fun with Kids and Parties...

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