On the Road Again

by Kathleen Bieke

Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions

Summer vacation is almost here, hooray! (Hey, the kids aren't the only ones who want a breather from the same old routine.) Before you hit the road you may want to visit RoadsideAmerica.com. Three wacky guys are the brainchild of this interesting website. A better word to describe the tone of this site is weird (If you can't take a joke, you probably won't appreciate the offbeat humor here.)

To make it easy on yourself - go straight to the sitemap. There is just too much information here to do it any other way. Select the state(s) you plan to drive through. This is the simplest way to find quirky tourist attractions. Let's say you will be visiting Detroit Michigan. (Or maybe you aren't leaving but want to do something touristy.) Take a short drive west to Irish Hills and visit the Prehistoric Forest along with additional sites of interests nearby. In Sault St. Marie, you can visit Antlers, the best taxidermy restaurant around. These just a few ideas but many more are available.

A recent Site of the Week featured the Madonnas of the Trail. (A series of stone statues of women with children.) This is a tribute to those brave women who traveled by wagon with "their crazy husbands." For strange news items, select the Tourism News page. Souvenir allowance burning a hole in your pocket? Go to the Souvenir Hut and spend. Overall, this site is just plain bizarre. But if you are adventurous while on vacation, you may like the tips provided here. Until next time.

Kathleen Bieke edits "Sites 4 Moms" a free weekly ezine dedicated to finding great sites on the webs for parents.

Copyright (c) 2000 Kathleen Bieke. All Rights Reserved.

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