Finding Frugal Organizers

by Nita Jackson

The simple cup hook:

Not just for cups any more ! Use for hanging jewelry, keys, net bath sponges or soap on a rope. Use brass hooks if it is for a wet environment - they wont rust. I hang measuring spoons on mine.

Coffee Cans:

Excellent for food storage. Stack nicely -good for Legos, Lincoln logs and cars. I use mine for laundry soap so it wont get hard, dried out and lose it's surfactant properties. I also use them for powdered milk. They make great containers for small pasta, beans, or just about anything you can think to put in them.Then if you want, you can paint or stencil any design you like to coordinate with your home decor or use adhesive backed fabric (found at craft stores) for any other room. Contact paper can also be used.

Zip lock bags:

Use for storing coupons, crayons, q-tips, makeup and cotton balls for travel. You can also punch holes in the edge of a heavy duty zip lock bag to put in binder to keep stamps or bills in.

Plastic strawberry baskets:

Great for keeping insides of cupboard ranch dressing mixes, soup mix, Koolaid,hair accesories, etc.

Ovaltine jars:

The reason I like these is because of their wide mouth. We use a combination of wet and dried ingredients in this type of jar like ranch dressing, dried rice, barley and tea bags.

Large Popcorn Tins:

One of my personal favorites. You know, the kind that are so prevalent at Christmas time. They work very good for pet food. We store bulk pasta and oats in these. If contents are very heavy you may not want to stack as it may contort the lid. I tried using it for a step stool and almost sealed it permanently!

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