Sites 4 Moms: BirdsForever

by Kathleen Bieke

You bird watchers will want to log onto to have any possible question that you may have about your feathered friends answered. There are many pages here, all dedicated to informing the reader about birds.

You can find out the migrating habits of birds, learn how to start a Bluebird trail, attract even more birds and solve common problems. The people who host this site are serious bird lovers. They even tell you what kinds of food to cut up and put in the feeder. Some people don't eat that good.

They even have some advice on those pesky squirrels. (Their actual description was those @#! squirrels, but hey this is a family column) This cute page had photos and other items for sale with mug shots of squirrels. Most of us just want advice on how to keep them out of the birdfeeders!

The Birds Forever site also sells bird related items. They have a large variety of feeders and houses. You can sign up for a free newsletter as well. Readers can learn how to identify birds and find out details on their range and habitat patterns.

I almost forget to mention the helpful information on attracting bats, for those of us who like them for mosquito control.

This was a very colorful and interesting site. Be sure to take a look. Until next time.

Copyright 2000 Kathleen Bieke. All Rights Reserved.

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