Debt Reduction Calculators

Where Can I Find a Debt Reduction Calculator?

I'm looking for a computer program that I can use to forecast out into the future different financial plans and different debt reduction schedules. Do you know of a good program that you could recommend? Thank you.
Sammie H.

Reader is Happy with Quicken

I have been very happy with the online debt reduction plan at We used it to calculate different scenarios for how to best pay off our bills. It has helpful info about other things like retirement forecasting, etc. It's a great site and you don't have to own Quicken to access it.

Online Debt Reduction Calculator

I ran into a nice group of financial calculators on the web, this might be what Sammie H. is looking for:

Microsoft Money 2000 Has It All

I use Microsoft's Money 2000 and absolutely love it! This program allows me to forecast debt repayment and retirement savings. I also track my investments (Money updates the stock quotes online for me).

I can even download statements from my bank and credit card so I don't have to do it manually. The software also has a monthly report showing where my money went, upcoming bills, and automatic budgeting.

Christian Financial Concepts for Information

One good source of financial information, to include budgeting, is Christian Financial Concepts (1-800-722-1976).

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