Spoil Yourself

by Debra Vaughn

Spoiling yourself every now and then is a wonderful feeling! But what do you do when you don't have the money to do it, even now and then? Can you find the money in your tight budget? Sure ya can! Here are a few places to start.

First things first, find a jar, can, or even a sock! Anything that you can use to store your money in will work. Put a label on it that has the word ME on it. Nothing else is needed. You will know that that jar is for you and you alone. When it is full, you can use it on yourself or whatever else you wish.

Locate you utility bill statements. Using what you spent your last month, start conserving energy. For every penny that it is less in the following months, deposit that amount into your "ME" jar.

Recycle your soda cans. Put whatever amount of money you get from the recycling center in your "ME" jar, no matter how small.

When you go shopping, take cash, your list and coupons... leave the hubby and kids at home, they only cost you more when you take them shopping. With your cash, list and coupons in hand hit the store looking for the sale. Any money that you save using your coupons, put in a jar when you get home. If you save $25 on that shopping trip, put it in the jar and keep going!

The possibilities are limitless, use your imagination!

Don't think about your "ME" jar for a few months, then count it! You may find that you have the money for a new outfit, freezer or just a manicure at the mall. Either way it is your money to spoil yourself with or spend on the family!

Debra Vaughn is a stay at home mother to 3 young girls. She is a freelance writer in her sparetime. Debra Vaughn also edits and publishes The Family Budgeteer Weekly Online.

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