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Help for Sleepless Nights

by Kathleen Bieke

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Advice from the Trenches of New Motherhood

For new parents and those wanting to become parents, take a look at It's a great place to get information on babies, before and after they are born. You can either search the site for relevant topics or become a subscriber. There is a fee to join though it looks like you get some good perks with membership. If you enter your due date, you can receive weekly emails apprising you of what is going on developmentally with your child.

BabyCenter has message boards, chat and even a Great Debates section. Stay at home vs. working, pacifiers vs. none, to spank or not to spank and even (gasp!) breast vs. bottle-feeding. Pregnant moms may want to avoid these controversial topics until after delivery. There are definitely some high blood pressure readings here!

There are many articles to read here as well. The Sleep Secrets would have been helpful for me when my kids were infants. I thought 8 hours of sleep was a thing of the past. You can also find out if you will ever have a private life with your spouse again by taking the New Parent Passion Predictor.

Planning a baby shower? Find ideas here. Don't know what to call Little Miss No Name? An online baby name link is provided as well. There is a Free Stuff link too. Of course, as this is a commercial site, you can purchase just about anything baby related here. For help with your little blessing, bookmark this site as a favorite. Until next time.

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