Camping Bedroom on a Budget!

by Kathleen Wilson

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My 3 year old loves the outdoors. So when we moved to a new house and he finally got his own room, I decided what better than to let him enjoy the great outdoors all the time! Here are some great ideas for a budget bedroom for your great outdoorsman (or woman!)

Paint the walls a pale green to give the illusion of forest light. Trace a few evergreen trees (or whatever type your child would identify with) on the walls with pencil. Its easy, just a few simple shapes make up a tree! Remember kindergarten! Paint in the trees with common craft paint, or leftover housepaint. Think about picking up one of those pop up playhouses as a tent...this actually inspired this whole idea for me. My son got one for Christmas, it was too big for our small family room, so I put it up OVER his toddler bed! Instant tent, and instant home sweet home for him. You could also make a faux tent out of a sheet and a few dowels attached to the wall behind the bed. Just pull back the fabric from the dowels like the open door to a tent would be. Now pencil in a few simple logs in the corner for a campfire. (Yes, now you must paint them, this is easy!) You could also nail or glue cut dowels or branches to simulate logs, this would also give it depth. If your child has room, pick up a sturdy camp chair at a yard sale and make a comfy place to roast imaginary marshmallows. On your curtains, or the closed side of your mini blinds, sponge paint a deep blue, and add a few bright yellow stars for when the sun goes down. If you want to get really dynamic and dimensional, you could attach a large branch to the wall in the corner to imitate a real tree. The only thing that's left is a few hotdogs and s'more makings, and you've got an eternal camping trip! All for a couple dollars worth of paint, and a little scrap fabric for tent makings!

Kathleen Wilson is the author and publisher of KW Design's Budget Decorator's Workbook. For more information on her publications, please contact her at KW Design 8220 Gage Blvd. PMB 735 Kennewick, Wa. 99353, via e-mail at, or at her website

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