Most Romantic Furniture

by Michael Webb

There is a very romantic piece of furniture in our house. You probably can't guess what it is.

The trend of these last couple of decades is to divide everything into "his and hers." There are his and her towels. His and her sinks. His and her recliners. His and her checking accounts. The more things are divided means there are less things to be shared.

When Athena and I bought our first house in North Carolina my mother wanted to buy us a special house warming present. We asked her to pitch in on a chair and a half. That's right. Not one chair to fight over or two chairs to separate us. We wanted to have one chair that we could share together.

A chair and a half is an extra wide chair that can fit two average size persons. It is also extra long so it is like having a built in ottoman. Some people call it a two person chaise.

When we watch a movie we do so side by side, not separated. Even watching the news can be a romantic occasion for us as I wrap my arms around Athena while we view the weekend weather update. During our midday tea break we will often have our "cuppa" in our chair.

Too much "personal space" can kill a relationship. I think we all need more "shared space."

Michael Webb is the best-selling author of The RoMANtic's Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love. You can order at or for more of Michael's FREE tips, visit

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