Unclaimed Revenue

by Cyndi Webb

Many web sites are losing their potential revenue. They are limiting themselves to the amount of money their site could be making. How do you make more money from your website? Join the many affiliate programs available but do it the right way. Unfortunately sites will join affiliate programs, and join many of them, but don't put them to use properly. You cannot just slap a banner up and expect to create an income from that.

First, you need to find affiliate programs that will compliment your site. For instance, if you have a website that sells children's books, look at adding an affiliate program that would allow you to offer other children's products, magazines for children and free products for children. Keep your affiliate programs focused to the interests of your visitors.

Many affiliates are also offering co-branding in the form of a visitor never needing to fully leave your site. They can either sign up/purchase via a pop up window at your site or from a page located on their server but still containing your look and links back to your site. This is a big plus to you as it provides "stickiness" to your website.

Secondly, you need to be active and creative with your affiliate programs. To be honest, I was signed up with a few affiliate programs but didn't do much of anything with them. I would see a small amount of money earned each month and didn't get that excited about them. I didn't understand how to "work" them. Then one month I decided to really dig in to the programs I had signed up for, along with searching for others. I cannot tell you my astonishment in when I found I was earning literally 500 - 2000% more than previous months. I soon discovered that people can literally earn thousands of dollars a month. I am proof of that. Not only should you promote the offers on your site with buttons and banners, use text links which are proven to be more effective. If you own a newsletter, include these offers in your newsletters. You will see a nice increase in revenue when you start making your affiliate programs work for you.

What did I do? I looked at the offers that I could choose from. I picked many "free" offers that I could bring to my visitors and newsletter subscribers. You will find that you can earn money by referring people to sign up for newsletters, free memberships at websites, samples given away by companies and many other free offers and services. There are hundreds out there, and they are waiting for you to join in. While I also feature non paying free offers, over 75% of the "freebies" in the database are ones that I am getting compensated for.

There are many types of affiliate programs and by utilizing them you not only can create an enhanced website, but also generate extra income.

So, make that website work for you. Check out some of the many proven affiliate programs that can help add more money to your monthly income.

Cyndi Webb is the founder of Moms Network, an organization for work at home moms. She also owns Freebies for Women, a website which features free samples and coupons geared towards women. Subscribe to the Moms Network I-MOM weekly newsletter: i-mom-subscribe@egroups.com and the Freebies for Women Newsletter: freebiesforwomen-subscribe@egroups.com

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