Sites 4 Moms: Natural Remedies and Advice

by Kathleen Bieke

The health conscious person may wish to visit You will find some great information on their website. They have four main pages: health, weight loss and fitness, food and community. All offer lots of good information including; recipe makeovers that tell you the calorie and fat difference by using their cooking suggestions and why certain foods are so good for you. There is advice ranging from getting pregnant after 40 to information about head lice (don't be squeamish, you moms! It could happen to your child.)

There are plenty of Ask the Expert segments and even a virtual pediatrician. The virtual pediatrician offers information on a variety of conditions from bedwetting, dawdling and hair tangles to many other topics.

Like most large websites, they offer chat and quite a few message boards. The message boards include: aging parents, natural remedies, quitting smoking and menopause aka, "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

A really great feature is that Prevention focuses on natural alternatives for medical healing. I will see a medical doctor when needed but mankind has been around a lot longer then the AMA and I prefer to try a natural approach whenever possible. gets my highest rating. Be sure to visit this comprehensive site and save it as a favorite. Until next time.

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