Spider Sandwich

by Angie Zalewski

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Need a little pizzazz in the ol' school lunch box? Or even a fun surprise for your spouse's lunch sack? Try a Spider Sandwich!

Take two pieces of bread and punch out a circle with a cup. Spread peanut butter in between the slices and add 8 pretzel stick legs. I usually use four regular sticks and snap them in half. Complete the sandwich with two raisins or chocolate chips for eyes. To accompany the spider theme, draw a spider's web on a white disposable napkin.

The first time my son, Timothy took this sandwich to school, it was the rave of the lunch table! Apparently news traveled quickly because I had a Mom contact me later for the "recipe." In fact, at the beckoning of the class, I made 18 mini-spider sandwiches with web napkins and brought them to school for a class snack. The compliments I received launched me into a brief phase of animal sandwich mania.

For several weeks, I experimented with peanut butter, bread, and pretzels to see how many different animal sandwiches I could create. Three of my kids' favorites were: Porcupine Sandwich-a circle sandwich with several pretzels sticking straight up from the top; Mouse Sandwich-a tear-drop shaped sandwich with pretzel whiskers and a curve pretzel tail; and Pig Sandwich-a circle sandwich with a small marshmallow slice for a snout, raisins for eyes, and pretzel stick triangles for ears. I send these in Tupperware-type containers rather than plastic bags to preserve their shape.

Cool lunches don't have to be expensive. A little creativity goes a long way in making a frugal lunch the highlight of the day!

Angie Zalewski and Deana Ricks are co-founders of the Frugal Family Network, Inc. They produce a popular thrift newsletter to help people live contentedly within their means and present workshops on stretching the family dollar. Copyright 2000, Frugal Family Network, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

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