A Little Extra Cash

by Doris Dobkins

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Do you need to get out of debt? If so, then you may be struggling for extra money to pay off your debts and this article was written for you. We'll list a few ideas here for you to get some extra cash. Now just promise to spend that money on your debts and not at the mall!

  1. When is the last time you have had a yard sale? Are you saving all that "stuff" in your garage for a rainy day? Why not pull it out, clean it up and sell it for a few dollars. Your garage will feel better and your debt balance will look lighter. Don't forget to check the closets and attic. Get the neighbors to join you and you'll draw more attention to your sale.

  2. Get a part-time job. Even if it's just a few hours a week, you can put that money towards a debt and achieve your financial freedom goal a lot quicker. If you want to be at home, have you considered baby sitting or tutoring? If you want to work out of the home, there are many places that you could work. Look for something that you enjoy doing.

  3. Sell something that is a cash drain to you. Do you have a boat in your backyard? How about a motorcycle or an extra car you never drive? Consider selling it. These items are expensive purchases; require annual insurance and registration fees and ongoing maintenance fees. If you use them a lot, great, but if you've taken the boat out once in three years, maybe it is time to sell it.

  4. Do you have a spare room in your home? Consider renting it out. This can bring in some good quick money. You'll lose some privacy but if you really need the cash, it might be worth it. Be very careful whom you rent to. If you can find a friend or family member that you know and trust, that would be ideal. Otherwise be sure and get references, check them out thoroughly and get a security deposit.

  5. How much do you spend on drinking and smoking each year? Add it up and you may be surprised at the numbers. Can you give it up? I know it's easier said than done but go read our quote of the day: "A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm." - Charles Schwab (1862-1939) U.S. manufacturer. Also, where there's a will, there is usually a way.

  6. Try to track your spending for one month. Every time you spend a dollar (or more), write it down in a notebook. Account for every single penny that month and you will be much more aware of where your money is going and where you can really cut back. You may just find yourself with some extra money at the end of the month.

  7. Recycle and make some money: Collect cans, glass bottles, newspapers, whatever a recycling center will pay you for. Get your family involved and make money while making the world a better place.

  8. Can your hobby make you some money? Is there something that you love to do that you can make some extra money with by either selling the items or teaching others how to make them? This can be done at home, the community center, local schools, churches, etc. There are many local retail stores or consignment shops that may be willing to place samples or sell on consignment terms.

  9. Pack your own lunch and coffee for the day. Those two purchases can add up to quite a sum of money on a weekly basis. If you are used to eating out every day and stopping for coffee every morning, try reducing it to just two days a week and packing it from home the other three days. That's at least a 60% savings of your previous spending.

*If you are looking for more money to apply to your debts, then choose three of these ideas and stick with them for six months. Start today and you'll be on your way to getting out of debt and reaching your financial goals. Our lives are not a trial run that we can relive at a later date. We are living the real thing now and the sooner we can be financially free, the sooner we can enjoy what we have with no worries.

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Debt from my past is preventing me from saving for my future! Tell us: Yes, debt is hindering my ability to save! or No, debt is not a problem but I am trying to get ahead financially!

Doris Dobkins is a money saving expert, author and speaker and has helped thousands of people find ways to save money and get out of debt.

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