Saving Phone and Door Time

by Sharon Powell

We are always on the run these days, and so often the phone and doorbell can make the problem that much worse. Here are two easy ways to help cut down on those lost minutes. When you call a company and they start in on, "push 1 if...then push 2 if..." and so on, just don't push anything. In most cases, if you don't push any buttons they will treat you like a rotary phone owner and immediately put you through to an operator, then transfer you to the right person. In rare cases, they have a system where you have to "say 1 if...say 2 if...", but not very often. So resist that urge and don't touch that dial pad!

To help get rid of the door to door interruptions, type or write the following on a little card and tape it to your door. "No Salesmen or Solicitors (Charity, Religious, or Otherwise)". Since I put that sign up, I've only had one person knock in over 10 years. POST your phone and on your door.

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