Paint tile countertops to create a new look

Readers Respond: Rejuvenating Tile Countertops

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Info Not Thorough Enough

I painted our laminate countertops with Krylon Fusion paint, which bonds extremely well to plastics and laminate countertops. The paint I chose is a silver-black with hammered finish. The countertops are a beautiful glossy silver-black-gray mottled color and my wife really loves the new look. Painting all of the countertops in our kitchen cost $24 in spray paint, tape and plastic. We are Kiltzing the wood cabinets, then painting them glossy oil-based enamel white and changing the hardware too.

You can paint the laminate countertops if you prep the plastic/laminate surface well and you choose a paint that will bond well with the surface. If you choose the wrong paint, I'm sure it can be a disaster. Here's one word of advice about the Krylon Fusion paint, however. Ventilate the kitchen very well prior, and watch for fine mist overspray. I found that out the hard way. Thank goodness I painted the countertops first.

Painting Worked Great

I painted my counter top and it looks great. I used rust scat latex high-gloss enamel marine paint. First, I cleaned it with comet and then I sanded it. Make sure that any residue is cleaned off with clear water. I painted on a base coat and then put on four more colors with sea sponges. I sealed around the sink with clear caulk. The counter was a country blue.

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