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We welcome your opinions. These are some comments/ideas that readers wanted to share. Link to original article here.

Let Your Fingers Do the Work

We had a scavenger hunt with ten questions. All the answers would be one-digit numbers, and in the end, all the numbers would come together to form a phone number. We called that phone number and the voicemail told us where to go to the finish line.

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

I enjoyed reading your article on scavenger hunts. I am planning a big scavenger hunt on July 4th at our local VFW Post and would like some ideas. Participants will be looking for items both inside and out, but not driving. A couple ideas I have might stimulate an idea from you:

  • paint some stones red, white and blue for them to find

  • hide toy soilders and tanks

  • hide small, 3" flags

  • stuff plastic Easter eggs with prizes near the pond (we have many ducks and geese)

  • business card (trying to have guests mingle with each other)

  • ask someone you don't know for a piece of gum

  • a kiss (hide a Hershey's kiss)

  • a fish or a crab (find plastic toys in children's section)

  • a jack (hide some jacks and a Jack from a deck of cards)

  • jewels from a treasure chest (toy jewelery)

Any other fun ideas. I have time to buy props and paint them red, white and blue. I would like to keep guests mainly outside. We have the following to work with: pond, bushes, trees, porch, mailbox, a field, a decorated hall with a kitchen, and a bar.

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