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Inexpensive Valentine Card

A great way to get a frugal Valentine card is to make your own. Cut red, pink or white construction paper in half and then fold those pieces in half to make a card. You can even cut the construction paper in fourths to make Valentine postcards. To make the cards look special you can stamp hearts on the front by purchasing a .97 cent bag of Valentine heart shaped marshmallows from Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any other low price store. Dip the marshmallows in any kind of red, pink or white paint, and stamp away. This is much cheaper than purchasing a heart shaped stamp and the cleanup is easy! Toss the marshmallows in the trash!!

Kids will love making these cards. A pretty card is made for a very pretty inexpensive price.
Susan A.

Mystery Inexpensive Valentine

Several days before Valentine's Day while I was at work I received three beautiful long stemmed red roses along with a card that read, "Roses are red...." There was no name from the sender. I called the florist to ask who had ordered them and she told me that she couldn't reveal that information. So I called the guy I was dating, and asked if he knew anything about them. I told him what I had received and I didn't understand why the card only said what it did. He said he didn't know anything about it.

The next day I received another three roses with a card that read, "Sunflowers are yeller..." I still didn't understand why there was only one line and no signature from the person who had sent them. Again, I called to see if he was involved with the great mystery. He still denied it, but he said it sounded like a riddle of some sort. Curiosity was killing me, let alone the girls at the office.

The third day brought three more roses with a card that said "I wanna be...." By then, I knew it had to be a riddle of some sort, but I still hadn't figured it out. The fourth and final three roses that completed the dozen were delivered the next day with a card that read, "Your Valentine's feller...Love, Randy"

Although the relationship didn't work out, it was the most memorable and wonderful Valentine's Day gift I had ever received.

Better Late Than...

Last Valentine's Day was the best ever for me. My husband had to work late on V-day, so we decided to celebrate the next evening. The only catch was that we were on a $10 spending limit. When I arrived home on Feb. 15, the house was filled with balloons and a picnic had been set on the living room floor. My husband went to Hallmark and convinced them to sell him all of their leftover Valentine's Day balloons for $5.00! I think there were about 10 balloons in all. And, they also refilled each balloon with air so that they stayed inflated for over a week! The other $5.00 was spent on deli items for the picnic and a rented movie for us to cuddle up together and watch. It was a wonderful evening!
Shawnee, OK

Share the Love

I will share with you what our group of women are doing for the elderly & sick veterans in the VA hospital this Valentine's Day. We are making beautiful cards out of recycled paper & scraps of color material, glitter, sequins, ribbons & any other craft items. You write your own verse inside. Thank them for all the sacrifices they gave so we can live in a free country today. Write cute little jokes or whatever to give them a laugh. Then we sign them from our church group. We'd have to pay $2 or $3 for cards this nice. Our women have shared a friendship & had wonderful time being together.

Our husbands are retired military men so we know what they have gone through and how they appreciate any thanks the public sends them.

For an Inexpensive Valentine Gift, Give Yourself

I have given my hubby a coupon book with maybe 5 coupons in it. One could be for a 15 min. back rub, another for favorite meal to be cooked (1 day notice) a hug, etc. I put them in a little book that I punch holes in & decorate the cover myself. He really enjoys this. Oops, limitations - one coupon per week please!
Kathy C.

Little Surprises

One Valentine's my husband bought a dozen roses. He gave them to me over the next couple of days, one at a time. I found one on my cookbook, another one on my car, another one on my pillow. By the end of the weekend I had received the full dozen roses. It was nice having the little surprises and wondering where the next one would turn up.

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