Where's The Office?

by Ann MacNeil

Before we purchased a computer, my husband and I were discussing where would be the best place for it. We have a bungalow style home with not a whole lot of extra room. I wanted it in an area where we could observe from time to time what was going on also when the kids are using the internet etc.

I suggested the hall closet (about 4 feet long - not overly big to start with). My husband laughed. I insisted that we try it. My husband took up the challenge. He put two shelves in the top section of the closet. (one for paper, misc.; the other for the printer and CD's etc) He then built a shelf at the proper level for the computer screen (using plywood and then covering it with left over varnished parquet flooring),

He added a slide out drawer underneath for the keyboard and also added a light and wired the closet for electricity and a phone jack. Under the drawer sits the tower for the computer.

The result? Better than we thought! When the computer is not in use, the closet door is closed and you would never know it is there. When it is in use, you just pull up a chair. The computer is in a traffic area and as you go from the bedrooms/bathroom to the livingroom/kitchen you can monitor what is on the screen. Several friends have done the same thing because they thought that our workspace was so great. I am quite pleased with our very inexpensive and out of the way 'computer room'.

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