Oh Baby!

by Kathleen Bieke

It is amazing how quickly things can change in just 11 short years. That was when I was pregnant with my first child and the biggest source of information back then was the book: What to Expect When You're Expecting. (Still a great book.) After finding this site I'm bumming that I missed out on the Internet during pregnancy. I would have definitely been visiting the Storknet site www.storknet.com. For those of you in various stages of "pregnancyhood" you will find this a great tool. (Pregnancyhood ranges from "I want a baby" to "We're trying to have a baby" to "Get up off of the floor honey, our lives aren't going to change that much.)"

The Storknet site is touted as "The friendliest pregnancy and parenthood community online." The ease of using this site is certainly friendly. Everything you may wish to read about is easy to find. I have to say first that I love the pregnancy week-by-week calendar they offer here. You can get very detailed information about what is happening during any particular week of pregnancy both with you and the baby. In addition they offer book suggestions, inspirational thoughts and ideas for dads. Another interesting option is the TLC calendar. I checked out the January 8th tip on giving your child medicine. As any mom knows, it sounds easier than it is and I found some great hints on not wearing the medicine. Each day has very different content, which I found appealing.

The Nutrition for You (and two) page had gobs (yes, gobs!) of advice for any type of pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy, high risk and after the baby. In addition to those very extensive articles, they addressed nutritional challenges, staying well, and building nutritional health. This site is fabulous and offers much more than I have mentioned. Every woman longing to be a mother will find it valuable. Until next time.

Copyright 2000 Kathleen Bieke. All Rights Reserved.

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