Insider Reports: It Could Save Your Life

by Kathryn

I'm a paramedic and trying to find a faster more efficient way of getting the job done is one of the things that makes my job so, excuse the expression, fun. There are a few things folks can do to help there local agency to be able to serve them better. These are just a few.

Make sure that your address is in clear view from the street and that it is easy to read. No fancy writing please, the simpler the better. There is nothing worse than going on a call for chest pain at 3:00am and not being able to read the addresses, as they say in my field, "time is muscle"(heart muscle).

The other thing people can do is to write down a list of their medications, medical problems, and allergies to medicines. This really helps us to get a quick idea of the persons medical history so that we can treat them more efficiently and safely. If you know any older folks that don't already have one, help them out by offering to put a list together for them.

And one more thing...well two. Please buckle up and pull to the right and stop when you see/hear an ambulance. We could be responding to someone you love.

Insider Reports is a regular feature of The Dollar Stretcher. If you have inside information please send it in an email to: gary@stretcher.com with "Insider" as the subject.

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