S.H.A.R.E. For Everyone

by June Glasgow

Did you know that S.H.A.R.E. is for you - no matter what your income?

SHARE is a not-for-profit, volunteering awareness program that provides nutritious food packages once a month to people willing to help themselves and others through volunteer work. Because of the bulk buying power and the volunteer distribution network, savings of up to 60% are passed onto SHARE participants.

Being a participant in SHARE stretches your food dollars; with the dollars you save, you are then able to buy other things you may need or want. Volunteering is something most of us do everyday. Things such as teaching Sunday School, playing the piano for your church, singing in the choir, helping at the Senior Center, work concession stands, volunteer involvement in community service organizations such as fire departments, school boards, Head Start, Mentoring, Scouting or 4-H, coaching little league, helping your neighbor, or visiting the sick, volunteering at your local SHARE site, the list goes on and on. All of these we do in our communities on a daily basis because we care. SHARE brings awareness of volunteering to the surface and makes all of us aware that no matter how large or small the task, volunteering is important. As a volunteer in your community you have already qualified to participate in SHARE.

The Heartland SHARE affiliate is located in Topeka, Kansas and covers all of Kansas, Oklahoma, Southern Nebraska, and Missouri. Heartland SHARE averages 18,000 share food boxes monthly, 27 semi's deliver food to distribution locations to nearly 400 share sites in our affiliate. The following information is the items that were distributed to Heartland SHARE participants the month of April. The Heartland SHARE food package consisted of basic food items, meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and other grocery items worth approximately $35 to $40. For example in April Heartland SHARE participants received: Chuck Steak Burgers, Sausage Links, Split Chicken Breasts, Ham Steak, Smoked Turkey Deli Meat, Baby Carrots, Lettuce, Potatoes, Cucumbers, Jonogold Apples, Oranges, Pears, American Cheese and Elbow Macaroni for only $16.00 (plus Sales Tax in Oklahoma Only) and two hours of volunteer service per SHARE you purchase.

For information for affiliates click here. SHARE is not available in all areas.

June Glasgow is a Developer for Heartland SHARE

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