Spice Savings

by Gramma Schneider

I was walking through a grocery store the other day and picked up one of those little cans of spice and almost fainted dead away, as I am sure most of you have to be doing.

I have been buying my spices in bulk for so many years, I never realized that they are going for almost $3-$4 for a little 1-1/8 (31 gram) box of spice! You can get almost a whole pound for that money from a bulk supplier.

I will give you some places to start your quest for saving money on spices at the end of the article. Right now, I will give you some of the reasons for buying in bulk.

  1. It is very difficult for spices to "go bad". So long as you keep them closed tightly and out of direct sunlight, they can last for years and years.
  2. You can buy in bulk and make your own "spice mixes". We do that all the time here on the farm and have started packaging them for our customers. We can hardly keep them in stock at the open markets we attend.
  3. They make wonderful gifts for family and friends. If you have special mixes of spices that you use regularly, you can mix them ahead and have them all mixed instead of pulling out so many large containers each time you cook. And have you ever had anyone ask "how do you make that taste so good?" Now you can share these wonderful tastes without giving away your "secret ingredients".
  4. You could start your own little home business putting together some simple spice mixes that others may just not know how to do. Not everyone has the ability to put the spices together in the right way. But we all have our own little niche in life. Mine is surely NOT filing.

I hope that this will have given you some insight into why you should buy in bulk to save a ton of money. Now if you would like to buy things like cinnamon for $5.50 for a whole pound go here: www.americanspice.com

You can find a great array of spices, rubs, marinades and spice mixes. Stop paying through the teeth for your spices. Happy cooking with spice! Disclaimer: I have no connection with this site, just love to buy my spices from them. They always come packed very good and have excellent customer service.

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