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Dear NH,
I had a guy fix protruding nail heads on my ceiling. I bought some paint to touch up the repairs, but the touch ups stand out because they are whiter than the ceiling. Is there any way to tone down the whiteness, so that it blends better with the rest of the ceiling? (And I thought my ceiling was white!)

I feel your paint! Errr... pain, that is! Isn't it amazing how "white" a ceiling can seem until you put a few dabs of fresh paint on it? Fortunately for you, white is a relatively easy color to work with. Go to your hardware or paint store and purchase a tube of black pigment. Add a very tiny amount to some of your white paint and mix it well. With a little experimentation and lots of patience, you should be able to find a shade of "off white" that more closely approximates your ceiling's current condition.

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