Under Jeep Rattles

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
We purchased a '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee used with a warranty. It has always made a noise like the running boards are loose or something under the car is loose. The dealer said it was a loose running board. It is not a loose muffler or tail pipe. We have gone under the car while running and can't see what is making the noise.

To make a long story short we have had it in several times and the noise has never gone away. I have had several folks say they thought it may be the catalytic converter. So the last time I had it checked and I was told that it need to be fixed. Any suggestions?

Catalytic converters that are rattling can't be fixed, only replaced. You see, there is a piece of ceramic in there that looks like a honey comb. If it is rattling around, you will need to replace the entire converter. An easy way to tell is when the car is cold, go underneath and just whack on it with your fist. That should knock it around enough to hear if the inside rattles. While you are down there, check to make sure that no part of the exhaust is touching against a frame rail.

I had a Ford with a mysterious noise that we could not track down. It turned out that the muffler was rubbing against a frame rail when the car was loaded down. This noise was not in the back like one would think, but rather, underneath the driver's seat.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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