Front Wheel Noises

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hello Bob,
I'm a reader from the UK. Great advice! I have a car with front wheel drive. Recently, I had the tires changed. Since then, I've been getting a squeaking noise from the wheels (or that area). The noise gets louder the more the car is driven and is very noticeable. The intensity also changes depending on how far I turn the steering wheel. If the wheel is kept central, then the squeaking disappears. I have had a professional check that the wheel bearings and brakes and they say that they are just fine. Could it be the CV joints are going to die on me soon? The axle nuts get very warm after a short drive too (say 2 miles). Is this normal?
Carl J.

It would sound to me that your front axle or hub bearings are shot. You didn't mention what year or make, so it would be hard to describe what they look like. The older style would have 2 tapered bearings (an inner and an outer). The newer style would have a bearing (or hub) assembly. The first type is the cheapest (but involves more work to replace), the second is more expensive but is relatively easy to replace. Unfortunately, you don't have a choice. Whatever your car calls for, is what you must use.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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