Carmen's Slow Cooker Chili

Chet's Crock

Courtesy of Carmen

  • 1 to 2 pounds of ground meat

  • 1(14 oz) can tomatoes

  • 1 (32 oz) can of chili beans

  • Water

  • Seasoning mix

For ground meat: I have used beef, pork, deer. Anything will work and will come out tasting like chili. Or don't use meat and increase beans and tomatoes.

For tomatoes: I use organic canned, whatever I can get. I don't like chunky tomatoes so I puree them before I add them. But anything you like will do.

For beans: I just found Muir organic chili beans which are very good. I use a large can, or two small cans. Any chili beans will do.

Seasoning mix: I use Carroll Shelby's Original Texas Brand Chili Kit. It comes in a little brown paper bag in the seasoning isle. It is really just a lot of chili powder, about 1/2 cup. Plus some salt, some corn flour to thicken the chili, and some cayenne pepper. Sometimes I use the cayenne sometimes not. Depends and how much my husband wants to suffer the next day.

Brown the meat, put in slow-cooker. Put tomatoes, beans, and seasoning in slow-cooker. Add water to cover the top, or more if you like it a little more soupy. Cook on low for 4-6 hours, or high for 2-3. I sometimes let this recipe go for 8-12 hours depending on when I get home. It doesn't hurt it, and I think the flavors mix together more the longer you cook it.

This is my favorite recipe, usually make it twice a month. We have leftovers for lunch and for a quick meal if we are in a hurry.

You can add and experiment with the basic recipe all you want. I make do with whatever I have. Sometimes I put some pretty weird stuff in it and it still comes out great. I haven't had a failure yet.

Fabulous slow-cooker recipes, tasty cookie recipes, and vegetarian, vegan, and healthy raw food recipes shared by a natural health food writer who loves to eat. Fun! Visit Chet at

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