Research Paper Help

by Kathleen Bieke

It is never too early to feature an education related website. Especially for those students who have the major job of writing a research paper. ResearchPaperHelp is worth a visit. Actually the writing of it is probably one of the easier parts of the whole job. Some of us remember the endless hours pouring over encyclopedias at the library, those white correction tapes for the typewriter and manually counting our words to make sure we put enough in there. (Hope you enjoyed the stroll down Memory Lane, I did!) Seriously, this site is fantastic to have for the upcoming school year. Here is some information about it.

The web host is a senior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and she has done a great job on the site. It is very easy to use and offers many links and helpful advice.

Some of the pages here are: Choosing a Topic, Library and Internet Research, The First Draft, Editing (wonderful tips here) and more. If you need help in giving credit where credit is due but frankly you aren't sure how to go about it, don't worry. All the questions you may have are answered here. Her Other Help page provides additional websites for help. It seems to me that you will find much of what you need here without even using the other sites. Of course, I am simply reporting here and glad I'm not a student! As for the web host's references they are listed. We know that you lose points if you don't properly document a paper so to ensure the integrity of the site; she just had to mention them. For anyone that has the daunting task of a research paper this year, this will be a favorite.

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