Replacing a Parking Brake Cable

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob!
We recently moved to a new city and we need to get our parking brake fixed. To make a long story short, our car was towed and the towing company snapped the cables towing the car. We can't get them to pay for it since we don't have proof. We have no idea how much this type of repair costs. We got a quote from a national chain auto place but thought it was too high.

Assuming that both cables were snapped, (we are not sure whether it's one or two at this point), how much labour time would it take to fix? I am thinking of calling several shops and asking for an estimate and approximate labour time. Is it best to go to the place with the lowest estimate? Can I get auto repair places to be firm on a quote and not go over it?

For the record, we drive a 5 Speed 1991 Toyota Tercel. Fixing the parking brake is imperative with a standard car, especially when we have to go up hills! Any tips would be much appreciated. I would like to be well informed before I call the repair shops!
Lisa of Halifax, Canada

I would say not more than 2 hours labor to replace the cables. Usually, there is one main cable that runs from the break lever to the rear of the car where it pulls on another cable that activates the break. Usually they don't break together.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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