Having fun while teaching children about money

Teaching Children About Money

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Teaching Children About Money: Anything Available?

Is there any good software out to help kids learn about money?

Fun Game for Teaching Children About Money

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any good software programs for helping kids learn about money, however, I understand that there's a pretty good board game called "Moneywise Kids" by Aristoplay. One Amazon.com customer wrote a review about the game and I quote "It's hard to teach kids about money. This game not only teaches them how to make change, but it also gives them a lesson about spending money on the essentials of life and the importance of saving. All of this in one easy to learn quick game. Buy this one!" This game is also a winner of a 2001 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award and sells for $11.99 on Amazon.com (toys &games). I may be buying this for my grandchildren as well.

Crown Ministries Resources for Teaching Children About Money

Crown Financial Ministries has a number of products. See their web site crown.org or phone 1-800-722-1976.

Dave Ramsey on Teaching Children About Money

Try "Financial Peace Jr." This system teaches children ages 3 to 12 how to save, give, and pay cash. Along with a CD explaining the program you get several visual aids including an envelope system and a small, clear savings jar. Available at daveramsey.com for a reasonable $19.95.

Grandparents Taught About Money

I was raised by my depression/WWII grandparents. They may have sounded like boring old fuddyduds growing up while all my friends had parents who brought them to Disneyland and shopped at the mall, but I'm doing well financially because of their example (after a few knocks in the head reminding me of all the reasons my grandparents were right). Meanwhile, my friends are doing poorly now that the economy has collapsed because they have -NO- example to fall back upon. It takes a substantial fall from grace and long, painful period of not getting by before lifelong media-fed illusions of entitlement are destroyed and people start to listen to boring old fuddyduds like us. We've been able to adapt while they haven't because I'll bet most of our upbringings were different from the majority

Take the Next Step

  • Visit our friends at "It's a Habit!" Reading books, activity books and music that help parents and educators teach kids smart money habits: itsahabit.com
  • Check family product reviews at Cheapism.com before making a purchasing decision.

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