Sites 4 Moms: Healthy Kids

by Kathleen Bieke

As parents we want what is best for our children, right? The problem is that we don't always have all the answers. (Our teens could have told us that!) For help with a multitude of situations, visit the website.

I don't often see websites that offer this amount of information and in such an easy to read format. Because there are so many articles, allow yourself lots of time. There are separate areas for parents, kids and teens. Each has an easy to follow index that defines what topics can be found there.

The Teens section talks about body, mind, health problems, food and fitness and sexual health. I found the sexual health information very straightforward. We all have our own values so there are a few topics you should preview so you can talk about them to your teen. Overall, that section of the site is great.

The Kids section is featuring an article on going to camp and dealing with homesickness. There is also a separate area that deals with feelings in general. I couldn't possibly list all the helpful articles I found here but trust me they are great.

For the section for Parents -we won't be disappointed either. If you need more information about childhood illnesses, what an extensive education you will receive! Just the section on ear infections (Acute Otitis Media) gives a more detailed explanation than any pediatrician I've met. (I'm sure it is because they are so busy. I have nothing against doctors.) Positive Parenting helps with Family Life, Learning and Education and Talking to your Kids. I am just skimming the surface here. Definitely worth saving as a favorite! Until next time.

Copyright 2001 Kathleen Bieke. All Rights Reserved.

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