Warning Signs

by Ruby J. Wallace

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It is amazing how we fail to recognize some warning signs in regards to our thinking and spending habits when we get into financial trouble:

  • Your minimum monthly payments for your credit cards combined is more than your rent.

  • You look to casinos as your retirement plan.

  • Your library fines are more than the original cost of the book you borrowed.

  • You pay your Visa with your Discover card.

  • You have all the latest technology equipment, but no electricity.

  • You buy a $30k car but then have to worry about gas.

  • You have refinanced 3 times and still owe 30 years on your house.

  • You get upset when you are assessed a late fee after you fail to pay your bill on time.

  • You pay more in finance charges than you give to God's work.

  • You buy more food before you eat all the food you bought two weeks earlier.

  • During peak electrical usage times in your community, the electric company calls you personally and asks if you could cut back some.

Excerpt from Being Smart About Credit and Debt. A common sense approach of understanding credit and debt that will increase your net worth. A detailed look into the power of saving that will create a payday for you everyday. © Ruby J. Wallace.

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