Emotionally Charged

by Tammy Harrison

My emotions are running high today, and I think it's a good day to get a very serious point across - Do it now!

Many of you know that I was orphaned as a child and truly lived the life that you see on movies of the week. Today is the anniversary of my dear brother's death from a genetic flaw - he died in a split second from a brain aneurysm at the age of 34 just as my dad did 24 years ago. He missed out on his dreams. He didn't have the children he longed for, he didn't move to the mountains, he didn't live in a log cabin and he didn't find the success he pined for.

He did get the opportunity to forge a lasting relationship with me, although we were raised in different families and many states apart. He did get to see his little sister get married. He did get to witness the birth of my first daughter and the day before he died he heard the tape recorded heartbeat of my second child ("Sounds like a freight train").

We all may have some of these life altering moments that ascend upon us without rhyme or reason. Luckily, since my *moments* began when I was a mere 10 years old, I have grown up with the knowledge and faith that helps me take such tragedies and learn my lessons and move forward with some semblance of order.

What are you waiting for? If you dream of becoming a home-based working mom, do it. Don't wait for a tragedy to turn your life around. What if that tragedy involved you personally?

If you are looking for a freelance or telecommuting job, how hard are you looking? I have said this before but in my six years as a home-based working mom, I have never had trouble finding work from home.

Sacrifice and determination are very important to help you find success. Look at your financial situation and your family situation and set a goal for your home-to-work and work-at-home transition. Find as many resources as you can that will help you on your way to home-based success. Reach out to your family, friends, offline and online community for help and support along the way. Do it now!

Tammy Harrison is a wife and mother of four children under the age of five. She is the Independent Creative Representative for Home-Based Working Moms, and can be reached at tammyh@jdharrison.com. Or visit her at hbwm.com

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