101 Car Games

by Kathleen Bieke

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Hassle-Free Road Trips with Kids

That cumbersome symbol of the American family, the minivan now has its own website www.momsminivan.com. Only in America, I say. I'm not making fun of them. I have one. What I like is that this site is not discriminatory; it is an equal opportunity kid appeaser. (If there is such a word.) This is the time of year when you get to find out just how roomy those vans are or aren't as the case may be. If you don't have a van, television for the car or are just plain nervous about traveling 1,000 miles with children, you need this site!

The web host has done a great job compiling travel games by age. Babies can definitely travel by car. They are too young to say, "He's touching me!" If your kids are older and less tolerant many more ideas are here too. We personally have used the tinfoil modeling idea. It is great! A generic roll of tinfoil is cheap and the kids had a blast.

Normally I don't like when a site has links to various sites that sell a product. Not so with this site. Laurel, the web host, seems to be a frugal gal as she featured links to those sites that help save money. (Many people don't know that when you find a site you like you need to help keep that site free to the user by clicking on their links and buying through them.) This site is a must see because even just traveling across town can be a hair raising "adventure" and I use that term loosely. Until next time.

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