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Corian Countertop Repair

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Dear NH,
I have a 5-inch crack in my Corian countertop. How can I repair the crack?
CM from Wills Point, TX

Solid surface repair ("solid surface" is the generic name for solid resin composite countertops) is not an easy do-it-yourself project, primarily because repair materials are not readily available to consumers and there is a general lack of public information on repair techniques.

It is a shame, because skilled do-it-yourselfers should be able to do a great job on simple repairs. In fact, many woodworkers who have entered the solid surface installation business have found that solid surface machines very much like wood; many of the same tools and techniques are used.

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There is a company that does offer repair materials. Art Specialties International sells Corian and Corian adhesives. Their market is to small fabricators or Corian bric-a-brac... but the adhesives used are the same as for countertops.

Both products on the page are used for Corian installations. I have not used either product, but I think that the Dupont Seam Sealer is the one you should try first. The "Wicking CA" is a cyanoacrylate... a close relative to super glue or "crazy" glue. Cyanoacryates are not designed to span gaps. Since a crack is a gap, you will not get much strength in your repair. The literature says it will work on two pieces that are clamped together. That is not the situation with most repairs.

The Dupont Seam Sealer is a two part epoxy, which will not only fill the crack but... if you are lucky with your color choice... will closely match the original countertop when done. This product is supposed to sand just like Corian, meaning that you can smooth it to the same finish you currently have by the use of fine sandpaper. Grades typically used on Corian are the following grits: 220, 300, 400, 600.

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From my reading on the topic, a pro would use a random orbital sander with special disks designed for smoothing Corian.

updated November, 2013

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