How Do I?

by Kathleen Bieke

Quick! How do you do a 180 jump on inline skates? Go to and find out. You can find out tons more too. The purpose of this site is all right there in its name. Learn how to do just about anything. You can find out how to rappel down a cliff if you go to the Sports & Fitness page. Or take it easy and go to the Food & Entertaining page and make 10- minute tomato sauce.

They have ehow Centers that help with advice on many topics. Just a few are cars, taxes, pets and my personal favorite is the Computers help site. There are Top Ten lists for all their centers. Learn how to build a PC, send an email attachment and much more. Get the most out of your Mac and customize your Windows computer-all in one place.

Click on the Holidays and Celebrations link. You can find pointers on etiquette and gift giving for all sorts of holidays. Have questions about Easter and Passover? Find out what these holidays mean to those who observe them and even get traditional recipes and tips. If you're getting married, you will definitely be interested in surfing this site. Planning parties, rehearsal dinners, etc are just a couple of interesting topics here. You can even subscribe to their online newsletter. This is definitely worth a bookmark! Until next time.

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