Eliminating Shave Cream

by California Joe

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After years of shaving, I finally have found a way to keep shaving costs to a minimum. As a male, I shave daily. I didn't want to spend bucks continually buying cans of shaving cream and polluting landfill with aerosol cans every time I finished one.

I had read where people had shaved using only soap, but whenever I tried it, my face felt terribly bruised.

I had heard where hair conditioner would be a good lather, but getting it on my face from a hair conditioner bottle posed a minor challenge: too much or too little.

I had tried the electric shaver, which worked fine but later in the afternoon I felt like I had gained too much of a shadow.

So here's my every morning solution:

  • First, I use the electric shaver. This takes off most of the immediately visible daily growth.

  • I then wet my face with warm water.

  • Then I apply soap. I use a bar of soap, and actually apply the soap bar against my face. I found that soaping up my hands and trying to get soap from hands to face did not apply enough soap to make a real substantive lather.

  • Then I apply a thin layer of hair conditioner on top of the soap already on my face. I use a pump bottle (formerly from hand creme) which I fill with conditioner. So only one press of the pump is all I need.

  • Then I use my safety razor, and enjoy a guilt free and money saving shave.


  • Cheap hand soap.

  • Cheap buy in bulk hair conditioner. Lasts a long time.

  • Safety razor lasts a lot longer, as the growth that the electric razor removes is what is the major wear and tear on the safety razor's blade.

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